All Aboard!

Hello travelers, and welcome to another blog.

We have cruised Mexico, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Northwest passage, the Baltic Sea, Russia and Europe but not Canada or New England until now. Maybe China will be next.

Marla and I are two recently retired budget travelers from Southern California. This trip will start in Quebec City, Canada and thankfully it will be our first trip in two years that will not require a Q-Tip shoved into our grey matter to test for Covid. We have been to western Canada 30 years ago and after our Alaska cruise 5 years ago. So we are looking forward to visiting Canada again which is a lot like the USA, only more polite and not as crazy.

We will get to Quebec City a couple days early staying in Old Quebec to tour the city and hopefully meet our Canadian friends, Christine and Mario, to visit and catch up. The cruise will then stop at Saguenay, Prince Edward Island, Sydney, Halifax and Maine. After Maine we will port in Boston for a day to meet with Kathy and Kevin ( from our Going Pilgrim in Massachusetts blog for a day in Boston then on to NYC. After New York we fly to Richmond, Virginia to visit my nephew and then later to see an old school buddy in Lynchburg.

From Canada to New England to Virginia and then back home.

Stay with us for photos and hopefully entertaining commentary mixed with historical facts.