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All Aboard!

By Allan: Hello travelers, and welcome to another blog series. We have cruised Mexico, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Northwest passage, the Baltic Sea, Russia and Europe but not Canada or New England until now. Maybe China will be next. Marla and I are two recently retired budget travelers from Southern California. This trip will... Continue Reading →

Three Nights in Quebec

By Marla: We flew to Quebec on Tuesday and fell in love with the city by Wednesday. We stayed in the cities lower town surrounded by quaint streets lined with shops and eateries nestled along the Saint Lawrence River. Although we had much to see I was immediately infatuated with the European vibe. Adding to... Continue Reading →

Pass or Fail?

By Marla: In college I suffered from test anxiety; that feeling of dread and impending failure. More recently I’d experienced that same sense of anxiety with our virtual COVID-19 test. The test we needed to pass in order to board our cruise ship in Canada. What could go wrong? Well a lot. After shopping around... Continue Reading →

The Bad Art Museum

By Allan: When I was a teenager one of the girl’s in our group of friends had a mom who painted. I remember picking her up for some get together and was invited in to see her mom’s latest painting of the family. I was appalled with what I saw, the colors were a unnatural.... Continue Reading →

Criminal Minds at Breakfast

By Marla: “The heist would be flawed! Doomed to fail! We would never recruit your brother at the last minute…. even if he needed money.” The Heist by American artist, Allan Brown. Sketched in 2022. Ink on Napkin, 12 inches high by 13 inches wide. The whimsical impressionistic style is strange yet minimalistic in nature.... Continue Reading →


By Allan and Marla: We visited a museum that was full of crap. To clarify we visited an exhibit on poop not realizing what kind of shit we stepped into. All jokes aside, this exhibit which is located in Quebec’s Museum de Civilization is the best if not the only exhibit we’ve seen on human... Continue Reading →

A Body in Motion

By Marla: It would’ve been easy to miss this exhibit at the Musee de la Civilisation . What was this anyway but a room with blank screens? At first we searched for a “Coming Soon” sign as we thought it might be an art installation under construction, but instead we discovered the introductory display that... Continue Reading →

Pain in the Butt

By Marla: The shooting pain was excruciating as it traveled down my lower back through my butt. What was this? A Sciatic nerve? A herniated disc? A normal person would’ve visited the ships doctor, but I’m not normal and too cheap to pay the $100 consultation fee. How long could this last anyway? A couple... Continue Reading →

Table for Two please!

By Marla: We booked a Medallion Class cruise which means you’re issued a medallion device that identifies you. It looks like a key fob about the size of a quarter and comes with a lot of cool functions like unlocking your stateroom door as you approach. Or when I walked to the coffee bar the... Continue Reading →

The Goat Farm

By Marla: Our ship docked in the small port of Saguenay, a pretty town located in the Lac-Saint-Jean region of Quebec and on the Saguenay Fjord which is one of the ten largest fjords in the world. The weather was misty and I was initially glad to have booked an excursion showing us the “Best... Continue Reading →

Send in the Clowns!

By Allan: Stop Clowning Around. After the let down of the boring tour at Saguenay, we had high hopes for a shorter double deck bus tour in Charlottetown. The pandemic has hurt the tour industry and many tour guides are just getting back in their groove. It was a dark and stormy night, well it... Continue Reading →

Hey Scooby Doo, Where are You?

By Allan: Take a Ride on the Mystery Machine In Sydney Who doesn’t like a good Scooby Doo cartoon with Shaggy and Thelma solving a spooky mystery? We do! We have taken Ghost Tours in New Orleans and Memphis, and have found them lots of fun while learning stories from the past, and they’re usually... Continue Reading →

The Big Bang

By Marla: Our bus guide kept alluding to "The Big Explosion” and being unfamiliar with Halifax, I had no idea what she was talking about. Big explosion? Big bang? She gave no details other than she would explain later and NOT to hop off her bus just yet. But we did. Curious yes, but it... Continue Reading →

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